School of Hope

Film + Talk Kids + Family

Cracked earth, not a blade of grass for miles: nomadic life is becoming increasingly impossible in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. For the children, education is the only way out of their situation. But not all parents see it that way. A documentary about existential obstacles and the children's unconditional will to go to school.

In cooperation with Human Rights Film Festival Berlin & Berghof Foundation

Filmtalk: As the effects of climate change intensify, children’s rights to life, development, health and education are under serious threat - unless action is taken. A discussion at the intersection of human rights and climate change.

Mohamed El Aboudi, Director / Andrew Gilmour, Executive Director, Berghof Foundation / Moderation: Margje de Koning, Artistic Director, Movies that Matter

The film talk will be held in English.

Andrew Gilmour

Executive Director

Margje de Koning

Artistic Director