SILBERSALZ is the first international Science&Media festival of its kind, taking place in 2021 for the fourth time in Halle.

As a combination of festival and conference, SILBERSALZ makes science accessible in a clear and vivid fashion while simultaneously serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration.

The aim of SILBERSALZ is to provide the general public with access to scientific topics and to allow them to ask questions, thereby promoting a lively and active engagement with science in general.

The SILBERSALZ program is extensive, varied and is aimed at anyone who is interested, whether young or old, layman or expert, science fan or sceptic.

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Where does the name SILBERSALZ come from?

300 years ago, Johann Heinrich Schulze published his discovery in Halle (Saale): the photosensitivity of Silbersalze. Only then was photography and film made possible - science and media, the perfect match! The basis of our festival.

Their discoverer, Johann Heinrich Schulze, grew up as a half-orphan and received accommodation and training at the Halle Orphanage. The founder August Hermann Francke wanted to improve the educational situation of the people. The buildings of the old school town continue to exist, and the Franckesche Foundation, which bears his name, is still committed to accessible education today.

SILBERSALZ Festival - Public Programme

The SILBERSALZ program consists of freely accessible film screenings, installations and live performances dealing with a wide range of scientific topics and issues. With a variety of different events to choose from the program is aimed at people of all ages – both those who are already interested in science and those just wanting to know more about the subject.


The youth program aims to introduce young people to scientific topics, especially those who have little contact with Science. Throughout the festival, films, DIY workshops, mint, media and maker events will offer numerous opportunities to participate, try out and personally experience scientific topics.


The two-day SILBERSALZ conference program is a closed format consisting of lectures given by experts, discussion round tables and workshops. The venue is the Leopoldina.

Here, scientists and media professionals will have the opportunity to exchange detailed information about the latest developments in science and media communication and to make new connections.