SILBERSALZ is the first international Science&Media festival of its kind, taking place in 2021 for the fourth time in Halle.

What are the questions facing science? What answers could help us to live together more peacefully and waste fewer resources? What will the earth look like in the future? SILBERSALZ brings science and media topics to life for all senses with gripping films, exciting discussions, and walk-in installations - as an international festival for the public and as a conference for those who work in research, film, or the media industry.
With this unique combination of festival and conference programmes, current issues become easy to understand. For researchers, film, and media professionals, SILBERSALZ offers a platform for mutual inspiration.
Are you enthusiastic or skeptical about research? Are you younger or older? Do you have very little background knowledge or have you been researching for years? Are you curious? Be part of it! SILBERSALZ takes place every year in Halle (Saale). Admission is free.


2021: 15.-19. September

2022: 15. - 19. June

SILBERSALZ Public Programme

With films, installations and live performances, you will understand, hear, see and even feel science at SILBERSALZ. All events are free of charge.


Films, DIY workshops, MINT, MEDIA and MAKER events: At the SILBERSALZ youth programme you have numerous opportunities to participate and try things out.


In addition to the festival for a broader audience, SILBERSALZ offers a two-day conference programme. As a closed industry event with expert lectures, discussion rounds and workshops, it is aimed at everyone who works in the science, film or media industry. The venue is the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences in Halle (Saale).
Interdisciplinary inspiration, new contacts, space for exchange: Register from June 1st for SILBERSALZ Conference!


Where does the name SILBERSALZ come from?

300 years ago, Johann Heinrich Schulze published his discovery in Halle (Saale): the photosensitivity of Silbersalze. Only then was photography and film made possible - science and media, the perfect match! The basis of our festival.

Their discoverer, Johann Heinrich Schulze, grew up as a half-orphan and received accommodation and training at the Halle Orphanage. The founder August Hermann Francke wanted to improve the educational situation of the people. The buildings of the old school town continue to exist, and the Franckesche Foundation, which bears his name, is still committed to accessible education today.