Environmental Justice

The nexus between environmental and social justice: Problems like poverty and racism are ( also ) related to environmental issues. Scientists will discuss what this means for our actions from different perspectives. This talk is in English.

A question of equal vaccination

In Germany, the majority of the population has already been vaccinated against Covid-19. In other countries, only a few percent are. What steps are needed to protect us all?

After the Facts

We have more information at our disposal now than at any time before. So why, in a world of rising sea levels, resurgence of the far-right, and a global pandemic, do so many people believe in bizarre and untrue things about the world? Marcus Gilroy-Ware, Autor, lecturer for digital journalism, University of the West of England The talk is in English.

Step by Step – 10 choices for a better now

Turkish author and dissident Ece Temelkuran talks about social polarisation, the dismantling of democratic principles and the power of global solidarity. This talk is in English.



Into another Now – with Yanis Varoufakis

In his first science fiction novel, politician and economist Yanis Varoufakis imagines an alternative concept of society. In conversation with Angela Richter, he reveals why and how. This talk is in English

At the intersection of technological change and social justice

A focus on marginalized perspectives is necessary to embed the principles of justice, equity, and inclusion into technologies. This talk is in English.


High below to deep above - scientific encounters between space and the deep sea

Research is also a question of justice, as Antje Boetius and Suzanna Randall know. The two researchers in a conversation, moderated by Petra Ahne. The talk is in German.

Language in conversation

We need to talk. About the power and limits of language. Kübra Gümüşay, author of the bestseller " Sprache und Sein" (Language and Being) in an exchange with Leyla Jagiella. This talk is in German.

Rethinking Economy and Growth

Do we need new values? Start-up founder Waldemar Zeiler, Niko Paech, professor of post-growth economics, and activist Annemarie Botzki discuss solutions for a sustainable economy and society. This talk is in German.

The Art of Reaching Diverse Audiences

No one else has mastered the art of not only arousing the enthusiasm of a broad and diverse audience for scientific topics as well as Aya Chebbi, but also inspiring them to take action themselves. Aya Chebbi shares in this talk her rich experiences. This talk is in English and has been part of the SILBERSALZ Conference: The Art of Science Communication.