SILBERSALZ in October: 14.10. - 18.10.2020

15 thrilling films - exclusive premieres, preview screenings, short films, midnite madness - six talks with renowned experts*, performances and three fascinating installations, inviting you to be a part of timely conversations around science, technology and society.

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Tue, 22nd Sep 2020

We are looking for: Production Coordinator (m/f/d)

In this role you work closely with the festival director and the individual department heads. You will be responsible for the organization and production before and during the festival as well as for the administrative handling afterwards. You support existing and the development of new local partnerships and the preparation of funding applications and reports[...]
Tue, 8th Sep 2020

Helping Hands (m/f/d) wanted!

Become part of the SILBERSALZ team. We are still looking for temporary staff for the festival period: Apply now! [...]
Tue, 25th Aug 2020

Meet our host: Sophia!

The first SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards will be hosted by humanoid robot Sophia.

Now I Preview Screening

Documentary I Jim Rakete I Germany I 2020 I 79 Min I OV with German subtitles

Whatever must happen to stop climate change, it must happen now! Greta Thunberg and other young people make this clear time and again. How will the protests develop? [...]


A discussion at the interface between activism, climate change, fiction and society

Frank Schätzing, bestselling author I Carla Reemtsma, Fridays for Future activist I Petra Ahne, editor, Berliner Zeitung

They are called climate rebels, but is it really rebellious to demand that politicians* listen to scientific evidence and address the climate goals? A discussion at the intersection of activism, climate change, Science fiction, and society. [...]


Fighting for the truth / Terra X: A case for Lesch and Steffens I World Premiere

Documentary  I Stefan Schneider I Germany I 2020 I 45 Min I German

What happens when conspiracy theories suddenly seem as legitimate as scientific facts? Astrophysicist Harald Lesch and TV presenter Dirk Steffens explain why we have to act now. [...]


Game Convention „Halle of Games“: Climate Change – Trial & Error

Can games make the world a better place?

Convention packed with workshops, lectures, and an exhibition about the diversity and potential of digital, analog, thoughtful, and experimental games. [...]


Granting Nature Legal Rights: a path towards a balance between people and the natural world?

Fritz Habekuß, Editor at ZEIT, Author I Dirk Steffens (Terra X), Host, Science Journalist, Nature Filmmaker

What if we invite the river to take a seat in the courtroom?
The impact and the price that nature, and ultimately we humans, pay as a result of excessive exploitation and ruthless economic interests is becoming increasingly clear. More and more court rulings and laws around the world are granting rights to nature in order to protect and preserve it. A case study from the South down the Mississippi River [...]


Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius

Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute/Head of Science SILBERSALZ

Felicia Ewert

political scientist | author

Fritz Habekuß

Editor | Author

Kai Kupferschmidt

Freelance Science Writer

Carla Reemtsma

Climate Activist

Dirk Steffens

Science Journalist, Moderator, Nature Filmmaker

Eva Wolfangel

Science Journalist


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