Science & Media Awards

SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards in association with Jackson Wild

Science provides a creative platform to expand our understanding of the world around us and changes the way we see and experience our world. 

SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards recognizes and celebrates the achievements of those who are working to solve many of today's challenges, of those who fascinate and inspire audiences worldwide through their stories, of those who encourage the next generation to engage with STEM subjects through global outreach, and of individuals promoting science and evidence, advancing the public discussion around global issues.

What are we looking for?

Introducing 7 new categories, we are looking for original, creative stories dealing with a range of scientific disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, engineering and medicine. 

Stories portraying real-time adventures, latest advancements and discoveries, future scenarios and global solutions to challenging issues, celebrating human endeavour  - and effectively encouraging individuals to engage with scientific and geopolitical debates through fascinating stories.

Submissions from all countries are welcomed. Submissions open 5 March - 30 June 2020.

Awards & Prizes

All submissions received by the entry deadline will be reviewed by a Preliminary Jury for each category, and nominated for consideration by the Final Jury, comprised of science and media professionals selected from a range of disciplines and countries, balanced in age, gender and experience.

In October, the prizewinners will be celebrated in a web-native evening of celebration and discovery, featuring some of the prominent names in science communication taking you and the audience on a whistle-stop extravaganza showcasing your incredible achievements in translating science to screen.

Silbersalz Festival is opening up the Science and Media Award Show to the wider public through an edutaining cabaret of science with special guests that will be broadcast to a global digital audience.

The show will go live on 15th October as part of this year's SILBERSALZ festival (14-18 October 2020).

The prizewinners will receive a Trophy, laurel and certificate for their participation will get the chance to screen their films during the festival and will receive international recognition via the globally streamed award show.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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Awards - Open for Submissions (Deadline 30 June 2020):

Best International Documentary Feature

Outstanding factual programs across social and natural sciences reflecting an inquisitive spirit and maverick approach in exploring the world. (> 40 min)

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Best European Documentary Feature

Recognizing the creativity and innovation in science storytelling, aiming to reward original productions coming from Europe. (> 40 min)

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Best International Factual Series 

Awarded to a limited or ongoing factual episodic program that fascinates audiences and engages with issues, through a strong and interconnected narrative. (> 20 min)

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Inspiring Change Award

Awarded to a factual program that aims to create awareness regarding current issues that our society faces, inspires activism, compassion and mutual understanding between communities for a sustainable future. 

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Young Audience Award

Awarded to a factual program that most effectively introduces children to complex scientific concepts to inspire curiosity and engagement. (> 12 years and older) 

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Immersive Science

Bridging art and science, it is awarded to a program or installation, successfully integrating new storytelling methods and technologies including VR/AR programs and games.​

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"Homeland Earth” Audience Award

"Homeland Earth” Audience Award is awarded to a factual program that best captures the environmental issues relevant to our times and inspires advocacy in response. Productions nominated to the “Homeland Earth Audience Award” will be reviewed by a special Public Jury panel, balanced in age, gender and expertise.

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