The SILBERSALZ Institute

Call for Entries - Media Training for Scientists

Are you a scientist looking to improve your media skills?
Do you want your research to reach broad public audiences?


Building on its 20-year expertise in the fields of project funding for factual, customized training & consulting, organization of seminars and industry events for a sustainable audiovisual network worldwide, Documentary Campus gGmbH is offering a brand new training and knowledge building program, in cooperation with MC2 Grenoble, Hexagone Scène Nationale and Pariscience: The SILBERSALZ Institute.

Highlighting diversity in science, The SILBERSALZ Institute's year-long, diverse program enables scientists, researchers, designers, creative technologists, and artists to work together on developing new innovative projects, at the intersection of science, research, technology and society for broadening the public perception of science, and bringing scientific research into mainstream media.

Through an extensive training, co-creation, workshops and digital Masterclasses, in collaboration with renowned science institutions, academies, course instructors, mentors, and partners from the creative industries, the program is aimed at practicing scientists at the forefront of their fields to forge new, creative collaborations with artists and media producers, while improving their science communication skills.

It also introduces interested scientists to the European media and cultural landscape and provides strategies for developing projects and tapping into funding opportunities.

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