Rethinking Economy and Growth


The economy grew, companies made record sales. Until the Corona pandemic fueled short-time work and fears of bankruptcies after just a few weeks. Waldemar Zeiler, co-founder and CEO of the company "Unicorn," and Niko Paech, professor of post-growth economics, discuss what a sustainable and therefore stable economy might look like and what this has to do with us as a civil society.

Prof. Dr. Niko Paech, Post-Growth Economist, University of Siegen I Waldemar Zeiler, Co-founder & CEO, Einhorn, Author of "Unfuck The Economy” I Host: Annemarie Botzki, Campaigner, WeMove Europe, Activist, Extinction Rebellion

Apl. Prof. Dr. Niko Paech

Economist Plural Economy

Waldemar Zeiler

Co-Founder | Author of “Unfuck the Economy”

Annemarie Botzki

Campaigner, WeMove Europe