Waldemar Zeiler

Co-Founder | Author of “Unfuck the Economy” Einhorn Products

Waldemar Zeiler turns the economic world upside down: He is a purpose entrepreneur, serial failure and wannabe speaker.

He gained his first start-up experience at the Berlin incubators Rocket Internet and Team-Europe. In 2010, he founded the company "Digitale Seiten", where he served as managing director for about three years. During a sabbatical in South America, Zeiler started working on ideas for sustainable projects and developed the "Entrepreneur's Pledge" initiative in 2014. Its signatories promise to build a sustainable company and invest half of the profits in social projects.

As a result, he founded the "fairstainable" company einhorn products (unicorn products) together with Philip Siefer in 2015, which sells various “down below” products, including vegan condoms, menstrual cups and tampons. His unicorns work self-determined without hierarchies, when they feel like it and from where they want to and determine their salaries themselves as far as possible. That's why the unsaleable company now also belongs to itself.