Picture a Scientist

Film + Talk

How does a person who works in science look like? Male, pale skin, glasses? When it comes to the distribution of scholarships, professorships and money, opportunities in science are still very unevenly distributed. "Picture a Scientist" shows why it should not stay that way.

Filmtalk: Lack of equal opportunities, intersectional discrimination, gender pay gap and the fingerprints of colonialism - how can modern science overcome its own structural inequalities? A first-hand account from and about the science world.

Prof. Dr. Jutta Allmendinger, President, WZB Berlin Social Science Center / Moderated by Kerstin Lohse-Friedrich, Head of Communications, Robert Bosch Stiftung

Update: Dr. Emilia Roig (Center for Intersectional Justice, CIJ) unfortunately can't attend the talk. It will still take place as planned.