SILBERSALZ show debate: All vs deep sea in the MDR media library

Tue, 24th Oct 2023
Showdebatte | Credit SILBERSALZ
Showdebatte | Credit SILBERSALZ

Together with our cooperation partner, MDR, we streamed:

Show debate: Space vs. the deep sea 
with Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius, Marine Biologist, Director, AWI / Dr. Matthias Maurer, Astronaut, ESA / Prof. Dr. Colin Devey, Geologist, Ocean Floor Dynamics, GEOMAR / Dr. Helena Herr, Cetacean Researcher, Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences, University of Hamburg Dr. Matthias Maurer, Astronaut, ESA / Volker Schmid, Space Engineer, DLR / Prof. Dr. Lena Noack, Planetary Geodynamics, Planetology and Remote Sensing, FU Berlin 

Moderator: Clarissa Corrêa da Silva, TV presenter, Wissen macht Ah!


That's what it's about:

Where is the next great exploration waiting?

They are the final frontiers: Space and the deep sea - equally fascinating and unexplored. Where will we head next? What will we discover? Where will we learn more about the origin of life? And where will we find answers to the pressing problems facing our planet? 
The Great Debate brings together six leading minds in space exploration and marine science. In two teams they will compete against each other to get you excited about their field of research. 
Both sides are highly motivated: Team Space is reaching for the stars and Team Deep Sea is ready for the big catch. But who can win the favour of the audience? Come along with your questions and decide.

In cooperation with Wissenschaft kontrovers by Wissenschaft im Dialog
A project in the Science Year 2023 - Our Universe

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