Rent a Scientist #3


Fr 27.10 / 15.00-16.30 / Im Wohngucker, Neustädter Passage 17d, Halle-Neustadt

What makes a place worth living in? Join Landscape architect Dr. Stefanie Rößler to discuss about that topic at Wohngucker in Halle-Neustadt.
Stefanie uses the district as an example to examine the potentials and challenges of large East German housing estates in their transformation into immigrant neighborhoods. A perfect place, then, to start a conversation about urban planning and the needs of residents.

Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Rößler, Research Area Transformative Capacities, Interdisciplinary Center for Transformative Urban Regeneration (IZS), Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IÖR).

Just imagine, scientists are visiting you in your everyday environment – and not the other way around. They may not jump out of the cake, but they will bring a colorful bouquet of exciting knowledge with them.
"Rent a Scientist" is an invitation to exchange ideas - about research and the world - in a familiar environment.
The format was developed in close cooperation with the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft and Themenjahren der Stadt Halle.

Foto Credit: Stefanie Roessler, IOER

Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Rößler

Research Associate, Research Area Transformative Capacities