Komm, setz dich #1


Komm, setz dich! #1

How can we contribute to food security? How do we cover the protein demand in the future? And can we do so with the black soldier fly and organic waste?
Sit down with biotechnologist Marwa Shumo and learn more about innovative cycles. She uses soldier fly larvae to break down organic waste and convert it into animal feed, for example, as a sustainable alternative to conventional animal feed.

Dr. Marwa Shumo, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Environmental and Resource Management, University of Bonn

The talk will be held in English

Komm, setz dich! …for a natter with science and art

How does the brain interpret scent? What do toilets have to do with a sustainable future? How do you make nail polish that tests for illegal drugs? And how did tax havens become quasi-legal free zones?
Do you have a lot of questions about science and art, but don't want to ask them in front of a large audience? Come to the department stores or Café Koffij, and sit down with invited experts. Ask your individual questions and learn more about research, methods and approaches. 
The meetings take place both at the Kaufhaus am Marktplatz and at Café Koffij

Dr. Marwa Shumo | credit Marwa Shumo

Dr. Marwa Shumo

Associate Researcher, Ecology and Natural Resources Management