Cooking for the microbiome - science that's healthy for the body

Kochen fürs Mikrobiom

Our body is populated by trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Some of these "housemates" make us sick, others help significantly with digestion, produce vitamins or train the immune system.
But only as long as we keep them happy, for example, by eating the right food.
But what does that mean? Food chemist Theda Bartolomaeus tells us which organisms inhabit us, what influences them, and why; Chef Mathias Herbarth shows what contribution the art of cooking can make here.
Have fun listening, talking, cooking and enjoying - for us and our trillions of microorganisms.
Theda Bartolomaeus, Experimental and Clinical Research Center, Joint Venture of Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine & Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin / Mathias Herbarth, Chef, Küchenstudio Micheel

To participate in the melange of cooking workshop & science, pre-registration is necessary:

Cost: 15,00 €/person

Theda Bartolomaeus

Graduate food chemist