Wildcard to SCI-FI London #1

Films Midnite Science

The connection between real science and fiction is essential to hold a mirror up to current socio-political, economic and environmental issues, as well as play with possible outcomes from our choices and the advancement of technology. These short-films have been curated by SCI-FI-LONDON, each chosen to entertain and encourage discussion, to provoke and provide you food-for-thought.

In cooperation with SCI-FI London

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Apotheosis / Max Pearce / United States / 19:48
Selene, a diligent aerospace grad student, dreams of working on Colony Ourania, the first functioning space colony. However, she is a naturally born human living amongst the first generation of genetically engineered “designer baby” humans, making for a highly competitive job market.

thank you / Mike Kravinsky / United States / 5:30
Thank you for screening “Thank you”. What if you learned you would be famous in the future?

To Err / Nanci Cruz / United Kingdom / 10:47
When Kiara, an AI satellite, is sent to observe a blackhole, she forms a friendship with Noelle back on Earth. Despite the growing distance, the two sprout an unlikely dialogue that examines humanity's greatest question.

Bebe AI / Rebekah Fortune / United Kingdom / 12:20
A young couple with Down’s syndrome must overcome prejudice and danger, in order to try and save the AI baby they want to adopt. A film about the disposability of disability.

The Unborn / Thomas Frank / Germany / 19:54
Germany in the near future. The government decides who is allowed to have a child and who is not in order to prevent the depletion of global resources.

The Last Mechanic / Jonathan Cross / United Kingdom / 10:33
In 2051, a charismatic but lonely mechanic invites us into his garage and talks us through the ups and downs of the past 30 years. It didn't go the way that you think.

Green Food / Xiaoli Liu /United States / 16:25
Three astronauts stranded in a spaceship with an alien corpse, have to find a way to survive without food.

SOS / Sarah Hafner / France / 11:00
Pollution, global warming, overpopulation, for Jean-Claude and Maddy, there is only one solution: to leave the earth and ask for help from extraterrestrials. But when a little green man comes along to save them, things don't quite go as planned.