MYRIAD. Workshop "City Moves"

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Myriad | credit: Interactive Media, Filmtank | Silbersalz 2022

A workshop that takes us on new paths

People move in the city, animals too. So far, the two have hardly been thought of together. Yet the issue of mobility is one of the major questions for the future of our society. It is clear that things cannot go on as they are if we take sustainability and climate protection seriously. This is where we combine the views of the animals that visitors experience in the MYRIAD exhibition and bring them to our doorstep. Because most of the time we only focus on people and their needs in our discussions, even though animals also move through our cities every day. For many urban animals, safe routes are essential for survival - for foraging or reproducing. However, our urban structures with their wide streets and their many asphalted squares form insurmountable barriers. They prevent the migration of animals and contribute to the extinction of species.

;How can the needs of humans and animals be reconciled? In the workshop, we explore this question. We will discuss sustainable mobility of humans and movement patterns of animals. Where do conflicts arise? Are we humans prepared to restrict ourselves for the animals or must the animals subordinate themselves to our mobility needs - even if they pay a high price for it? We want to question common patterns of thought and together find new ways - so that humans and animals can live together peacefully in the city.

Katharina Jakob und Carina Frey, RiffReporter:innen