Leopoldina goes to School: Why do we perceive something as fair or unfair? Youths discuss with research and politics


We feel what justice means most of all when we feel unfairly treated: The presentation partner gets the same grade for less work, the sister gets to stay up late even though she's younger. But who actually decides what is fair? And what does it depend on? Dr. Karamba Diaby, Prof. Dr. Marie-Claire Foblets, and Anna von Gruenewaldt are looking forward to your input.  

Dr. Karamba Diaby, SPD Member of Parliament, Commissioner for Integration I Prof Dr Marie-Claire Foblets, Director, Max Planck Institute for Ethnological Research I Moderation: Anna von Gruenewaldt, Koordinatorin, Lange Woche der Nachhaltigkeit,  Jonathan Unterweger & Alena Simon, Speech Science, MLU Halle-Wittenberg