Fighting for the truth / Terra X: A case for Lesch and Steffens I World Premiere

Film + Talk

Climate change, Corona pandemic, the politics of the Federal Government: Almost everything is suitable to suspect a conspiracy behind it. But how do the opinions of individuals suddenly get such a large following on the Internet and at street demonstrations? Harald Lesch and Dirk Steffens investigate this phenomenon and analyze what it means for our democracy.

In cooperation with Terra X, ZDF

Film talk: Science caught in the crossfire: Could the underlying force driving conspiracy theories also be the same one that nurtures polarization?

Why do some people think chemicals are dropping from the sky? Has the novel coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan? Is "climate change" a hoax? Conspiracy theories come to life in crises and offer easy explanations to chaos and uncertainty, spreading over social networks. Does their popularity pose a threat to societal well-being and freedom of speech?

Dirk Steffens, Science journalist, Moderator, Filmmaker I Tamar Baumgarten, Author I Stefan Schneider, Director I Dr. Tobias Schultes, Commissioning Editor