Pleasure and Pain: The Science of Love | German Premiere

Film + Talk
Wunder Liebe | Pleasure and Pain
Wunder Liebe | Pleasure and Pain (credits: a&o buero filmproduktionen)

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Documentary / Judith König / Germany / 2018 / 52 min / OV with ST

How does love arise? What happens in our minds and hearts when we love someone? And how do these processes differ in humans compared to those in animals? Judith König shows us the latest scientific findings on hormones and heart-throbs. And even tell us when love can even become dangerous for us.

Filmtalk: The science behind love. The oxytocin hormone as a basis for affection, tenderness and trust


Ann-Christin Hornberger, Editor Wissen, ARTE/ZDF, Germany


Judith König, Director, Science Journalist, Germany

Tristan Chytroschek, Producer, a&o buero filmproduktion, Germany

Prof. Dr. Beate Ditzen, Director Institute of Medical Psychology, Center for Psychosocial Medicine , University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Monika Eckstein, Institute of Medical Psychology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany


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International Competition of the 54th International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc, Docville Belgium

Ann-Christin Hornberger | Member of the Advisory Board | SILBERSALZ Conference 2020

Ann-Christin Hornberger

Commissioning Editor, Science and Knowledge, ZDF / ARTE
Judith König | Speaker at SILBERSALZ Conference 2019

Judith König

Biologist | Science Journalist
Tristan Chytroschek | Speaker at SILBERSALZ Conference 2019

Tristan Chytroschek

Producer, a&o buero filmproduktion gmbh
Prof. Dr. phil. Beate Ditzen | Guest at SILBERSALZ 2019

Prof. Dr. Beate Ditzen

Head of the Institute of Medical Psychology
Dr. Monika Eckstein | Guest at SILBERSALZ 2019

Dr. Monika Eckstein

Research fellow, Medical Psychology