Dr. Suzanna Randall

Astrophysicist European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Dr. Suzanna Randall | Speaker at SILBERSALZ 2021 (credit: marekbeier.de)

Dr Suzanna Randall, born in 1979 in Cologne (Germany), studied astronomy at University College London and was a doctoral student in astrophysics at the University of Montreal in Canada. She is currently working as a researcher at ESO (European Southern Observatory) in Garching near Munich and studies the evolution of stars and works for the ALMA telescope project in Chile. Overall she lived and worked on three continents.
Suzanna Randall is inspired by looking at things from various perspectives, especially from a bird's eye view. She strives for new insights, is curious to discover new worlds and wants to become the first German woman to fly into space. Since 2018, she is training part-time to become an astronaut as part of the private initiative Die Astonautin. On the ISS, she wants to focus on physiological experiments on women in weightlessness.

The passionate natural scientist also started a media career. Since September 2020, she has been presenting exciting scientific topics on the ZDF YouTube channel "Terra X Lesch & Co", alternating with Harald Lesch. The focus is on showing women in particular that the natural sciences - and even the path to outer space - do not have to be the exclusive domain of men. She is also a sought-after interview partner and inspiring speaker.

Suzanna Randall is also active as a book author. Together with her trainee colleague Dr Insa Thiele-Eich, she wrote the children's books "Unser Weg ins Weltall" and "Abenteuer Raketenstart", published by Oetinger. In her free time, she enjoys paragliding, mountaineering and diving.