Dr. Nakeema Damali Stefflbauer

Founder & Director FrauenLoop

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer is a senior digitalization executive and the founder and CEO of "FrauenLoop", a nonprofit organization in Berlin that has trained women with resident, immigrant and refugee status in computer programming over the past five years.

An advocate for digital inclusion, tech equity and transparency, Dr. Stefflbauer is a graduate of Harvard University and Brown University and also holds an MBA. She writes and speaks about the impact of digital technologies on marginalized groups and has given keynotes at Re:publica (Berlin), Humanity in Action (Amsterdam) Action Academy, and at an EU Parliament (Brussels) hearing on "Automated Discrimination”, among other forums.

Her most recent video talk (made with the digital justice artist Nushin Yazdani) is on exhibit at the Detroit Science Academy in Fall 2021 with the title “Future Tense: AI From the Margins.”