Martin Stimming

Producer & Musician
Stimming | Credit: Stimming_Harun Hazar & Anna Chocholi
Stimming | Credit: Stimming_Harun Hazar & Anna Chocholi

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music – when it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. At a young age, Hamburg-based producer Stimming did just that, and has continued doing so for the past 15 years. His meticulously produced, and always emotionally-led music has intoxicated dance floors worldwide as well as served as a backdrop for a range of artistic visual projects. Combining the elegantly crafted to stirring, profound reflections, Stimming has forged a path all his own, a signature and style that has become celebrated amongst fans and deeply respected within the music community.

As a highly technical producer, Stimming has always been interested in the latest production tools and gears, and how they might expand his musical lexicon. Over the years, his reviews of such equipment have earned a loyal following. Stimming’s consistent engagement with a community of music-makers has led him to become a trustworthy and authoritative voice in this domain, with his independent reviews featured in channels such as Electronic Beats. In 2021, he made the move to launch his own professional music hardware together with DOCtron. The portable compressor and saturator, DOCtron IMC has become a sought-after tool for electronic music producers and live acts around the world.

Stimming started releasing music on the Diynamic label by his early twenties and his breakthrough hit, Una Pena, made the electronic world sit up and take notice. 2009 saw him launch his immaculate debut album Reflections to great acclaim, and subsequent releases including Liquorice, Stimming and Exodus fortified his reputation as one of the most exciting new producers of his generation. Mixing hand-made textures, field recordings and the latest gear in his compositions, he has earned his stripes as a dancefloor veteran and technical maestro. Over the years, he also released various remixes for the likes of Apparat, Claude VonStroke, Nina Kraviz, Stephan Bodzin and Kiasmos amongst others. In 2016, Stimming released the radically conceptual LP Alpe Lusia. Recorded in a secluded cabin up in the Dolomites, Alpe Lusia marked a turning point for the producer who went from making dance music to a deeper and much more mature sound world. Stimming’s sixth album, Ludwig continues on the path the producer started 5 years before; ridding the music of functionality to uncover what lies beyond it. The album was accompanied by two reworks EPs: Ludwig (Club Versions), for which Stimming took Ludwig to the dance floor and Ludwig (Living Room Versions), where he was joined by collaborators and friends like Telefon Tel Aviv to create ambient versions of his pieces. Ludwig, and the following two releases are united by a continuous sense of exploration of interesting and progressive territories with his trademark sense of texture, emotion and discovery.

In 2023, apart from releasing a live techno album Elderberry on Awesome Soundwaves, Carl Cox's imprint, Stimming will present his latest project, a body of work, which takes the producer in an entirely new direction. Working with the renowned NDR Vocal Ensemble and conductor Klaas Stok, Stimming will combine his electronic beats and soundscapes to the harmony and glory of the choir. With this project, the producer creates an immersive journey that combines the endless possibilities of electronic music with the power and presence of a first-class vocal ensemble.



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