Maren Schuster

Head of the Multimedia and Authorship (MMA) master programme Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Maren Schuster works as a media scientist at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and is responsible for the Master's degree programme Multimedia and Authorship (MMA).   

The Master's with a focus on digital journalism follows the Digital Methods principle of "follow the media" and applies it to the field of digital journalism. The programme sees itself as a laboratory. The aim is to use media studies and the methods of other subjects to explore the questions of the digitalised present and to reflect on them in media action. Following this goal, Maren, as a researcher and journalist, develops relevant questions and projects for the modules of the Masters and initiates partnerships with science, culture and media. After a journalistic project on the question of why inequality makes people ill, she is currently working on a climate journalism project in Halle.

In her dissertation, Maren deals with the potential of data and data-driven processes for journalism. She is thus following up on her preliminary work on digital transformation processes in journalism and disinformation. Within her teaching and research projects, interdisciplinary work and transfer projects with other disciplines such as ethnology, jurisprudence or medicine take on a special significance. Questions of representation and diversity in journalism and research are particularly relevant to her.