Marcus Gilroy-Ware

Author | Media Scientist | Lecturer

Marcus Gilroy-Ware is a British writer and academic who works on media, culture, politics and big tech. He is a Senior Lecturer in digital media at UWE Bristol, and is author of Filling the Void: Emotion, Capitalism and Social Media (2017) and After the Fact? The Truth about Fake News (2020).

Through his work, Gilroy-Ware explores the underlying political, psychological and social factors that drive the many uses of popular digital media, having once been a technology developer who became frustrated with the sterile, simplistic narratives often used to frame technology and its impacts.

Gilroy-Ware also advises cultural organisations on their communication and technology strategy, and has worked for Goldsmiths, University of London, the Studio Museum in Harlem, and The Sociological Review.


SILBERSALZ Festival 2021

After the Facts

Marcus Gilroy-Ware, Autor, Dozent für digitalen Journalismus, University of the West of England

We have more information at our disposal now than at any time before. So why, in a world of rising sea levels, resurgence of the far-right, and a global pandemic, do so many people believe in bizarre and untrue things about the world? [...]