Dr. rer. nat Johannes Bühl

Researcher for Cloud Physics TROPOS, Leipzig

Johannes Bühl is a physicist and researches the interaction of aerosol, wind and clouds at TROPOS. Since the beginning of his physics studies, physical optics has been the focus of his work. With his doctorate, he then devoted himself to studying the atmosphere with lidar and radar instruments. He mainly uses and develops wind lidar systems to observe turbulence and mass transport in clouds.

During his research work, he participated in numerous international field campaigns. Since 2016, he has been working for TROPOS in a leading role on the EXCELSIOR teaming project. The aim of this project is to establish a centre of excellence for remote sensing of the atmosphere in Cyprus (the "ERATOSTHENES Center of Excellence"). The latter should help to better understand the weather and climate of the Eastern Mediterranean and mitigate the consequences of climate change in the region.