Submissions for this year's competition are closed now.


Best Science Documentary

Outstanding long-format factual programs across social and natural sciences reflecting an inquisitive spirit and maverick approach in exploring the world. (> 40 min)

Best Factual Series

Awarded to a limited or ongoing factual episodic program that fascinates audiences and engages with issues, through a creative, strong and interconnected narrative. (≥ 20 min/episode)

Best Short Science Series

Awarded to a limited or ongoing episodic programs committed to render scientific discoveries accessible to a wider audience through creative, courageous and effective ways. Productions made for television, digital platforms and social networks are eligible. (≤ 13 min/episode)

Homeland Earth Award

Awarded to a long-format program that best captures the scientific research contributing to solving global environmental problems and inspires advocacy in response. (> 40 min)
(i.e. scientific research contributing to solving global environmental problems, science of adaptation to climate change, preservation of the environment, sustainable use of biodiversity, conservation efforts affecting one or more animal species...)

Southern Lights Award

aims to reward factual productions originating from the Global South, amplifying the voices of scientific characters and research.

Young Audience Award

Awarded to a program that most effectively introduces children to complex scientific concepts to inspire curiosity and engagement. (> 12 years and older).

Immersive Science

Bridging art and science, it is awarded to a program or installation, successfully integrating new storytelling methods and technologies including 360° video, VR/AR/MR programs, and games.