Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst...
I spy with my little eye... - Motiv 2023

I spy with my little eye...

Everything that surrounds us is matter. From stars and mountains to the tiniest insects. We ourselves live as a collection of atoms, particles and tiny organisms in a landscape of matter. Often invisible, rarely perceptible, they are nevertheless all interrelated. I see what you don't see. This year we would like to dare the adventure with you and make the invisible visible. We invite you to explore your own surroundings with us. To see, hear, feel, smell and taste with all your senses. We will look through microscopes, telescopes and at satellite images. We eye ourselves and our longing for introspection. We let ourselves be observed and ask ourselves when surveillance begins. We explore our bodies, go down to the cellular level and get to know our trillions of microorganisms and organs better. We change perspectives, experience time anew, hear colours singing on the screen and see dripstones growing from the ground. We venture into barely explored realms - diving into the deep sea, flying high into space and leaving the solar system behind. We travel through a world full of wonders. We explore networks - in nature, society, the economy and politics. And take a look at those who are often not heard or seen, give them space and voice. I see what you don't see. When did you last play this game? Even if seeing - and thus understanding - is not universal, there are boundless possibilities in this game with its openness to discovery, its desire for spontaneity, but also solidarity, its curiosity about what is hidden. 

Come and play with us!
Ilka Bickmann, Irem Couchouron, Agnes Fischer, Tom Millen



Program 2023