Dear Visitors,

This year at Silbersalz, our hope is that you let yourselves be guided by the birds. As they glide over the land; tracing conflicts, droughts, and caravans. Our wish is for you yourselves to soar up into the heavens with the help of Leonardo's flying machine. Feeling the wind in your hair. And beating a path through the jungle with the guardians of the forest.

Take a ride with Arturo and his hologram love Stella through the streets of Rome. When we dance to the rhythm of nature, lie down in the grass and share popcorn, then everything [is] interconnected and interdependent. That’s how Alexander von Humboldt saw it already in 1803. We do not understand this to be a physical entity, but rather a network of ecological systems extending across the whole planet Earth.

Continue this thought with us: What would a sustainable future look like? By us granting rights to nature. By forming innovative democracies. And by discussing borders and meeting machines that read thoughts, and minds that do not let themselves be read.

Discover at first-hand how science works – and join in the exchanges.

After more than two years of social isolation, we are now emerging – with cautious optimism – from our hibernation. We want to recreate interconnections with ourselves, with our whole world. In this interconnectedness, and indeed even in this interdependence, solace may be found.

And ahead of us, the future.

The SILBERSALZ Curator Team


Program 2022