Mon, 22nd Jun 2020

Rückblick: SILBERSALZ im Juni mit Talks und "Gaia"

This year's SILBERSALZ Festival 2020 has the motto "Homeland Earth". In line with this motto, Luke Jerram's fascinating installation "Gaia" floated in the Ulrichskirche from 18 to 21 June 2020 – and inspired the visitors. All three public opening days were fully booked with 2600 guests.

Halles Ulrichskirche was the ideal place to hold the exhibition in compliance with the Corona-related hygiene measures and also inspired the visitors with its symbolic appeal. Hovering so close above their heads, "Gaia" allowed a view of our common planet, which usually only astronauts receive. It makes us aware of the beauty and fragility of this blue marble in the middle of the universe and what protection it should receive by us humans. Impressions can be found here: 

Galerie -  SILBERSALZ im Juni


Accompanying this visual food for thought, the lecture series "SILBERSALZ speaks..." on 19 June 2020 brought together renowned scientists for discussions about the state and future of our planet Earth - the current corona pandemic makes them particularly relevant. The recordings, which were realized in cooperation with MDR Wissen, can still be viewed on our Facebook page:

to the Talks

Shortly after the festival, the talks were viewed more than 22,000 times there and on the channels of MDR Wissen