Wildcard to SCI-FI London #1: Rage Against The Machines

Lost in the Sky | Credits: Simon Öster

Wildcard to SCI-FI London #1: Rage Against The Machines
SciFi Short Films / Curated by Louis Savy / Various Countries / 2023 / 90 min / English

Can technology really improve and fulfil our lives? This question is explored in this collection of short films, which look at complex relationships with technical devices, means of communication and time travel. But beware: these films show that the consequences of our desires do not always match our expectations. They remind us to be careful when we wish for technical progress.

Lost in the Sky / Simon Öster / 12 min

Radio Telescope / Tanner Beard / 17 min

Record.Play.Stop / Neeraj Bhattacharjee / 6:30 min

Spa Sybarite / Joshua Ashish Dawson / 3 min

Take me to your influencer / Tom Lincoln, Greer Dale-Foulkes / 5 min

The Machine / Isaac Bell / 26 min

Time Tourists / Ian Sweeney / 6 min

The Fourth / Johnny Kirk / 11 min

In cooperation with the SCI-FI-London

Film talk

The event will be hosted by Louis Savy, founder and festival director of SCI-FI London.