Smart City Session@SILBERSALZ - Digital expert panel around Smart City

Smart City Halle | Credit: Thomas Ziegler Stadt Halle (Saale)
Smart City Halle | Credit: Thomas Ziegler Stadt Halle (Saale)

Selected action points around creating a smart city strategy will be illuminated through keynote speeches. Possibilities become visible as to what an intelligent and networked city can look like and what exactly smart cities are all about. The presentations will serve as inspiration and illustrate the potentials of a smart city, which can not only make life easier for the urban population, but also contribute to sustainable development. But how exactly? Come along and find out.

Keynote speakers: Kathrin-Karola Viergutz, Mobility / Dimitri Ravin, Digital Urban Development / Lars Wohlfarth, Smart City Halle (Saale)/ Moderation: Marcel Roth, MDR

In cooperation with Smart City Halle (Saale)

Dimitri Ravin | Foto Credit: Dimitry Ravin

Dimitri Ravin

Urban Planner
Marcel Roth | Foto Credit: Marcel Roth

Marcel Roth