Short Science: Mechanical Dreams


Short Science: Mechanical Dreams
various short films / 50 mins / 2023 / English

Have you ever heard a neuron choir sing? Or wondered how you could save the world? In this short film session you will experience it.

The short films in this session tell of microscopic worlds, life savers and artificial intelligence - for example in the documentary "Our Ark": Every day, about 150 animal and plant species become extinct. Irretrievably. Ethnic groups and landscapes are also threatened. Researchers have therefore begun to recreate and save our world, at least in 3D models.


Our Ark / Deniz Tortum, Kathryn Hamilton / 12:14 min

Backflip / Nikita Diakur / 13 min

The Symphony of the Brain / Rob Key / 13:48 min

Algodreams / Vladimir Todorovic /11 min

The Guts of the Neuroscientist / Hester Overmars / 14 min