Short Science: From Earth to Stars


Short Science: From Earth to Stars
various short films / 70 mins / English / Nomination Science & Media Awards 23

From microorganisms in the soil to satellite data on volcanic eruptions to the stars: these short films tell the story of natural phenomena and the people who research them. T-shirts or stickers that say "Save Whales" are sure to have come across many. "Save parasites", on the other hand, sounds rather strange. Why are researchers now campaigning for precisely these creatures? This short film session is dedicated to these and other questions.


The Underground Astronaut / Marleine van der Werf / 17 min

Heart of an Astronaut / Jennifer Rainsford / 14:31 min

North Star / Patrick Bossé / 14 min

The Quest to Save Parasites / Emily Driscoll / 11 min

Chasing Spirites in Electric Skies / Joy Ng / 8 min

Life of Aeolus / Jamie Perera / 4:44 min