SHORT FILM.CLUB - Stories from other worlds

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Stories from other worlds
various animated films / 2023 / 50 mins / from 8 years old

Forest spirits flutter about and a robot bee becomes rebellious, a rebellion has begun!
Six short films are about space, science and extraordinary creatures that have minds of their own! Buzz for example, is a busy bee who has her own idea of how to create life on Mars millions of miles from home. Fun, excitement and tongue-in-cheek inspiration are guaranteed in this short film session.


Astoria / Franck Dion / 9 min

Loop / Pablo Polledri / 8 min

Clair de Lune / Fabio Bozzetto, Diego Zucchi /6:22 min

Buzz / Andrew Brand & Bryn Chainey / 09:48 min

A dream of Hawaii / Thomas Smoor Isaksen / 10:30 min

Boom / Gabriel Augerai, Charles Di Cicco, Romain Augier, Laurie Pereira De Figueiredo, Yannick Jacquin / 5:36 min