Mythos Jungfernhäutchen


Documentary / Lena Kupatz / Germany / 2023 / 45 min / German / German premiere

Especially in traditional, religious milieus, the abstention from sex is still considered a virtue for unmarried women. For young women, this can mean great suffering.
The hymen is still used as evidence in the question of sexual intercourse. Yet the hymen can look very different, sometimes missing or even untouched after childbirth. The journalist Ninve Ermagan fights for sexual education, also in gynaecological practices.


Film talk

I see something that doesn't exist - the hymen. Unbelievable things have happened and are happening in its name. A myth that is deeply rooted in our society.

Lena Kupatz, director / Ninve Ermagan, journalist / Gwendolin Szyszkowitz-Schwingel, producer.