The many traces of truth. Telling your own story & Telling the story right

Anasuya Sengupta | Credit: Jann Hendry / Dimitra Andritsou: Credit Dimitra Andritsou

How to investigate human rights violations, conflict, and environmental destruction using advanced spatial and media techniques and methodologies? How to support marginalized communities to bring their knowledge and perspectives to the digital space with a co-creative approach?

Meet two experts dedicated to making the invisible visible: Anasuya Sengupta, co-director of Whose Knowledge? - a global, multilingual campaign centering the knowledge of marginalized communities online and Dimitra Andritsou, Assistant Director of Forensis - a nonprofit research organisation committed to counter-investigating state and corporate violence worldwide, founded by Forensic Architecture in Berlin. Together they discuss who determines knowledge in our digital age and how to make blind spots in investigations visible.

Anasuya Sengupta, Co-Director & Co-Founder, Whose Knowledge? / Dimitra Andritsou, Assistant Director, Forensis

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Anasuya Sengupta

Co-Director & Co-Founder

Dimitra Andritsou

Assistant Director

Tobias Schmid

Moderator, phD Student