Make People Better

Make People Better | Credit: Rhumbline Media

Documentary / Cody Sheehy / USA / 2022 / 83 min / English / 

In 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui crossed a Rubicon in human evolution by altering the genetic structure of embryos to produce the world’s first genome-edited babies. This controversial experiment, supported by China's government and top U.S. scientists, led to an international uproar and swift moves by Chinese authorities to disappear not just Dr. He, but the twin girls whose genes he had edited. 
The documentary thriller MAKE PEOPLE BETTER reveals the unknown story behind this historic scientific event from the perspectives of those who were there including a whistle-blower’s testimony, never-before-seen interviews with He Jiankui, and the depiction of a world being awakened to a future where rival governments and corporations compete to make designer babies the new normal.


Film talk

Is it an ethical question when we intervene in evolution by technical means to create stronger, more intelligent humans. Or is the question: who gets to go first?
Prof. Michael Braungart, inventor of the C2C concept, Eco-Design, Leuphana University

Dr. Hans Zillmann

"Medicine-Ethics-Law" (IWZ MER)

Patrick Klügel

Public Engagement Manager I Cyber Valley Initiative