Komm, setz dich #4


Komm, setz dich! #4

Nail polish can shimmer and glitter wonderfully. But can it also make the invisible visible by changing colour on contact with illegal drugs?

Sit down with Pauline Stein and Jael Michaelis, whose successful Jugend forscht project revolves around this question. Building on an existing detection method for drugs spiked in party drinks, they developed a method that combines detection with nail polish.

Pauline Stein & Jael Michaelis, Students, Klasse 12, Musikgymnasium Käthe Kollwitz, Rostock


Komm, setz dich! …for a natter with science and art

How does the brain interpret scent? What do toilets have to do with a sustainable future? How do you make nail polish that tests for illegal drugs? And how did tax havens become quasi-legal free zones?
Do you have a lot of questions about science and art, but don't want to ask them in front of a large audience? Come to the department stores or Café Koffij, and sit down with invited experts. Ask your individual questions and learn more about research, methods and approaches.
The meetings take place both at the Kaufhaus am Marktplatz and at Café Koffij

Jael Michaelis & Pauline Stein | Credits: Jael Michaelis Pauline Stein

Jael Michaelis & Pauline Stein

Schülerinnen, 12. Klasse