Isaac Asimov, a Message to the Future

Isaac Asimov, a message to the future | Credit: Kepler22 Productions

Isaac Asimov, a message to the future
Documentary / Mathias Théry / France / 2022 / 54 min / German Nomination Science & Media Awards 2023

Can science solve the problems posed by science? Can a science fiction writer predict the future?

A century after his birth, Isaac Asimov addresses us, men of the future, thanks to the means of artificial intelligence. He evokes his dual training as a scientist and a writer, jubilant to have found the time machine in his own brain, and describes his transformation into a universal pedagogue, delivering all the questions raised by his colossal erudition: robotics, artificial intelligence , overpopulation, rising waters, end of oil, exterminating viruses. Faced with these challenges, he draws from his imagination as a writer the resources necessary for the transformation of the world, demonstrating that literature can guide men in their choices when faced with the challenges from the future.

Professor Asimov tells us everything, and even gives us the method to understand the rest, if we want to hear it...