Wildcard to SCI-FI London #2

Films Midnite Science

The connection between real science and fiction is essential to hold a mirror up to current socio-political, economic, and environmental issues, as well as play with possible outcomes from our choices and the advancement of technology. These short films have been curated by SCI-FI-LONDON, each chosen to entertain and encourage discussion, to provoke and provide you food for thought.

In cooperation with SCI-FI London

Line up

Rachels Don't Run / Joanny Causse / USA, France / 14:43
While monitoring late-night calls at an AI companionship service, lonely customer support agent Leah impersonates an artificial dream girl to chat with the regular caller for whom she's developed feelings.

Can I Help? / Rupert Ratcliffe / United Kingdom / 14:59
An operating system tries to help a successful and overworked architect get over the break up of his family.

Saint Android / Lukas von Berg / Germany / 6:10
It’s the future, Norman’s wife is dying. In these final moments, he calls for guidance - but it’s not what he asked for.

Fieldtrip / Soren Bendt, Paul Arion / United Kingdom / 20:30
A man in a robotic spacesuit, who crashes into his own minefield and has to navigate through it.
A dark comedy about the ‘collaboration’ of man and machine.

Speak for Herself / Nick Willis / United Kingdom / 6:34
In a world where artificial intelligence plays an integral role in everyday life, a young and debt-ridden technophobe chooses to take part in a social experiment for the much-needed money.

Captain / Jared Weber / United States / 8:00
When a space captain damages the navigation system after taking control of her ship from her AI companion, C.H.A.R.L.I.E. (Adam Rebora), she must overcome her fears and make repairs before it's too late.

Signal Dark / Alex Murray, Max Murray / United Kingdom / 15:00
Lucas Anderson is an insular IT technician whose life is turned upside down when he stumbles across a mysterious email and its reality bending contents.