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Louis Savy, Founder & Festival Director, SCI-FI London


DEMOCRASAURUS REX — Mark Lombard I US I 19 mins I 2020 I English

In an alternate history the U.S. War Room watches in awe as their mutant super weapon lays waste to the enemies of democracy, blissfully unaware of the escalation they are causing abroad and the growing unrest at home.


ERASED — Gabriela Loza I AUS I 14 mins I 2021 I English

Eric and Cate live and work on Mars and must fulfill their contract to the all-powerful Erasure Institute. Technology tracks their every word and action, while a mysterious humanoid voice directs their movements.


THE DESERT — Michael Dockery I AUS I 5 mins I 2021 I English

Earth in a post-human age, where our creations are left to wander in desolation.


JOYRIDERS — Raymond Carr I US I 20 mins I 2020 I English

Three kids from the inner city find an alien spaceship and take it on a joy ride through Atlanta and beyond. But when they come to the end of their journey, they must decide whether to help the world that never cared about them, or escape into the unknown.


ZEALANDIA — Bruno du Bois I NZ I 15 mins I 2020 I English

In 2032, Zealandia has become the only virus free country left on earth but at a high cost to its population due to intrusive medical regulations. But, could the bag carried by a fearless woman be the downfall of this oppressive state? 


ACADEMY — Ian Salazar I US I 13 mins I 2021 I English

27. 12. 32. 9. 66. 4. These are numbers. These are names. Six students prepare for graduation from a utopian training facility when they are faced with a dangerous final test. 


Louis Savy

Founder I Festival Director, SCI-FI-LONDON