Case Study: Kusunda - The Art of Using Interactive VR to Engage the Audience


Gayatri Parameswaran, Co-Founder, NowHere Media, Germany I Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur, Director, Endangered Languages Documentation Programme & Endangered Languages Archive, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Germany

What makes a language fall asleep? What does it take to awaken one? Kusunda is a voice-driven virtual reality experience about revitalising a dormant indigenous language in Nepal. Creators at NowHere Media -- a leading immersive studio for impact driven storytelling -- embarked on a long co-creative journey with members of the Kusunda community to produce the VR experience, which recently won the Grand Jury Storyscapes Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Co-director Gayatri Parameswaran talks about the challenges and opportunities of working with virtual reality as a tool for documenting intangible cultural heritage. Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur, Director of the Endangered Languages Archive & Endangered Languages Documentation Programme at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and scientific cooperation partner shares challenges as well as chances in working with members of the media when it comes to marginalised communities.


Gayatri Parameswaran

Writer | Director | Producer | Co-Founder

Dr Mandana Seyfeddinipur

Linguist | Educator | Director

Eva Wolfangel

Curator SILBERSALZ Conference I Science Journalist, Speaker