Rebuilding Paradise | German Premiere

Film + Talk

Burned-out buses, ashes on the streets, people living in tents in parking lots: In 2018, the small town of Paradise in California will be so badly hit by a forest fire in 2018 that there are discussions never to rebuild it. What if another fire comes? But Paradise is not just any city for its inhabitants. They did everything they could to save their home.

In cooperation with The Walt Disney Company GmbH (Germany)

Film talk: Displacement in the context of disasters and climate change: A community's response.

The story of the sun-kissed Californian town, Paradise, is the story of sustained drought, rising temperatures, and changing environmental conditions, essentially clearing the path for fires to wipe out the entire community, as well as their future. The latest studies on health and climate change found that "human exposure to fires has doubled since 2000, not only causing deaths and damage but also, significant economic and social impacts." Reconstitution is a long healing process, but neither is it impossible to avoid future climate-change-driven catastrophes.

Fritz Habekuß, Redakteur, Die Zeit | Dr. Susanne Winter, Programmleitung Wald, WWF Deutschland


Fritz Habekuß

Editor | Author

Dr. Susanne Winter

Program Director "Forest"