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Anyone who has ever been the victim of hate comments knows how terrible that is. Femke Boot, the epitome of the "harmless, nice woman from next door", feels the same way. Nobody takes her plight quite seriously, she is simply supposed to ignore the comments. But then Boot understands that it is not she who has to change her behavior, but the others. Fortunately, this bloody thriller is purely fictional, even if in parts very close to life...

Film talk: Hate on your fingertips. Is the Internet increasingly becoming a catalyst for malice?

The media landscape has changed fundamentally in recent years, and our democracy has changed with it. Monitoring and responding to online hate speech is becoming an ever-increasing problem for governments, social platforms, the media and brands. What are the socio-political implications of digital and social media, and how to step out of "echo chambers" - amplified and repeated ideas to the point of exclusion of countering opinions?

Eva Wolfangel, Science journalist, Moderator | Anne Roth, Political scientist, blogger, net and media activist



Anne Roth

Political scientist, blogger, net and media activist

Eva Wolfangel

Science Journalist