Resistance Fighters – The Global Antibiotics Crisis

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Documentary / Michael Wech / Germany / 2019 / 98 minutes / Age rating: 12

They keep spreading out, invisibly yet inexorably: Each year 700,000 die from multi-resistant germs. In 30 years’ time, they could already account for the deaths of ten million people. Doctors, scientists and patients are despairing, while diplomats are struggling with global solutions. The documentation of a catastrophe.

Filmtalk: Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, but misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is accelerating the process. What is the current status of antibiotic resistance research?


Moderated by Daniel Schlechter, MDR, Germany

Michael Wech, Director, Germany

Dr. Tim Eckmanns, Head of Department Nosokomiale Infektionen, Surveillance von Antibiotikaresistenz und -verbrauch, Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin, Germany


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Daniel Schlechter

Commissioner, MDR

Dr. Tim Eckmanns

Robert Koch Institute Berlin

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