Panel: The Future of Love


What is the future of love? Will scientific and technological innovations change the way we love? Is the future bright for love, or an emerging dystopia? A discussion with scientists, technologists, philosophers and artists on cutting-edge research and technologies that are reshaping our relationships, will intertwine excerpts of documentaries on the intersections of love, robotics, artificial intelligence and platform economies—and introduce the audience to their possible future lovers!


Patrick Levy-Rosenthal – CEO of Emoshape.

Heidi McDonald – Game Designer and Independent Scholar.

Dr. Allison de Fren – Media Theorist and Filmmaker.

Isa Willinger – Filmmaker.

Jonas Schlatterbeck – Head of Social & Distributed Media, ZDF Digital

Moderated by:

AC Coppens – Founder, The Creatives’ Catalysts, and Conference Curator


Audiovisual Case Mini-Screenings – The Future of Love Stories

Hi, AI (Documentary, 2019)

Isa Willinger, Director

“With an AI, you have to keep your sentences short and to the point”. This piece of advice is given to Chuck as he's picking up his new robot partner Harmony fresh from the factory. On the other side of the world, in Tokyo, the cute robot Pepper is moving in with Grandma Sakurai, arranged by her son, so that she feels less lonely. But soon, Pepper turns out to be a rather headstrong character. How will we live together with artificial intelligence? What will we win, what will we lose? Tracing the stories of Chuck and Sakurai, Hi, AI is a documentary that shows us tomorrow's love today. 

Hi, AI Screening: 22.06.2019 | 18:30 | Zazie


Ludwig & Luise (Instagram-based Graphic Novel, 2019)

Jonas Schlatterbeck, Head of Social & Distributed Media,  ZDF Digital.

Love in turbulent times: Ludwig and Luise are a pair of lovers in the Weimar Republic. Through their letters, we dive into the chaos of the interwar period. Is love stronger than political convictions? "Ludwig & Luise" is a serial docufictional graphic novel. This form of storytelling stands out for its innovative narrative mode. Designed for the vertical smartphone screen, users can move through the story at their own pace, combining informative historical narratives with modern social media elements.


AC Coppens

CEO / The Marketing Catalyst, Curator Conference Programme / Silbersalz

Heidi McDonald

Writer | Designer

Prof. Allison de Fren

Associate Professor

Jonas Schlatterbeck

Head of Social & Distributed Media – ZDF Digital

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