Louis & Luca – Mission to the Moon

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Animation Film / Rasmus A. Sivertsen / Norway / 2018 / 80 min / OV with ST

Recommended for age 7 and older

This year, China launched a probe to the far side of the moon. Which was reason enough this time around for Rasmus A. Sivertsen to send his two stop-motion heroes Luca and Louis off on a spectacular race to the moon. Lots of fun and excitement for children, spiced up with some background political satire for the adults.

Filmtalk: From fiction to facts: Why does the International Space Station exist? Why is there weightlessness on board? What does this have to do with (future) moon landings? What is the real story behind the moon landing which took place 50 years ago? Why do we want to go there (again) and how is the moon landing currently being planned in space exploration? From fiction to facts:The real story behind the moon landing and a glimpse into space exploration.


Tobias Bohnhardt, German Aersospace Center (DLR), Germany

Katja Sterzik, Sciencefluencerin "Echonaut.Science" (Instagram), Germany


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Tobias Bohnhardt

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Katja Sterzik

Echonaut.Science | Sciencefluencerin