Living Universe | German Premiere

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Living Universe
Living Universe (credit: Kepler/NASA)

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Documentary / Alex Barry & Vincent Amouroux / France, Australia / 2019 / 84 min / OV with ST

Travelling to planets outside our solar system have remained a dream to date. "Living Universe" permits this to become a reality for us. Under the direction of the real astrophysicist Tamara Davis and the science presenter Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, we explore the planet Minerva B. Will we really discover life there?

Filmtalk: Scientist all over the world are working on an epic journey we will make over the next century. What will we find? And what will it mean—for society, science, and humanity…

Katja Sterzik, Sciencefluencerin "Echonaut.Science" (Instagram), Germany

Ulrich Köhler, Gerrman Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany


Raw Science Film Festival Official Selection 50/, Documentary Film Festival Official selection Pariscience, Science Film Festival Selected in the School Section


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Ulrich Köhler | Guest at SILBERSALZ 2019

Ulrich Köhler

DLR’s Institute of Planetary Research Berlin
Katja Sterzik (credit: Johannes Schriek) | Guest at SILBERSALZ Festival 2019

Katja Sterzik

Echonaut.Science | Sciencefluencerin