How Do You Become a ScienceTuber?

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Interactive Show with Meet & Greet / Dr. Whatson, die Klugscheisserin, Breaking Lab, Der Schlaumacher

What is required to become a ScienceTuber? The YouTube content creators Lisa Ruhfus (Die Klugscheisserin), Cedric Engels (Dr. Whatson), Jacob Beautemps (Breaking Lab) and David Peter (Der Schlaumacher) are providing the audience with some profound insights into the various production stages and showing what to watch out for here.
The show is being held in cooperation with Wissenschaft im Dialog.

Cedric Engels, Producer, Host, Consultant, Twentytwo Film, Germany

Anne Henning, video producer "Klugscheißerwissen", project and event management, Germany

David Peter, YouTuber, Video Producer, Social-Media Consultant, Germany


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Cedric Engels

Producer | Host | Consultant

Anne Henning

Video producer „Klugscheisserwissen“

David Peter

YouTuber | Video Producer | Social Media Consultant

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