The Blob: A Genius without a Brain | World premiere

The Blob: A Genius without a Brain
The Blob: A Genius without a Brain /credit: Audrey Dussutour)

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Documentary / Jacques Mitsch / France / 2019 / 52 min / OV with ST

They are neither animals, plants nor fungi, even if they are called that: Slime moulds consist of just one single cell that sometimes looks like the slime of forest animals. This unique organism is capable of resolving tasks within days that people would need decades to do. How does it manage this?

Filmtalk: Mold and Men: Why Slime Molds seem to decide like us?


Moderated by Daniel Schlechter, MDR, Germany

Marie Beuzard, Commissioning Editor, Science, ARTE France, France

Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Döbereiner. Group Head. Institut für Biophysik, University Bremen


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Marie Beuzard | Commissioner at SILBERSALZ Conference 2019

Marie Beuzard

Commissioning Editor, ARTE France
Daniel Schlechter | Guest at SILBERSALZ 2019

Daniel Schlechter

Commissioner, MDR