Roundtable Workshops 1


In this series of roundtable workshops, media experts and conference delegates will work together to develop creative strategies for the projects presented during the pitch-off. The active collaboration in theses roundtable will not only propel further development of the projects, but also foster creative collaboration and new connections between scientists and audience members across their respective disciplines.

Participants have the chance to sign-up for two out of 7 different workshops.



  1. Fact-Checking for Science Journalists and Filmmakers with Dr Kai Kupferschmidt

    You have more information at your fingertips than ever before, but increasingly the truth is in danger of drowning in a sea of lies, mistakes and deception. It is the job of journalists to try and separate fact from fiction. But how do you check facts? How do you build trusts with readers and viewers? And how do you communicate in a way they will understand? This roundtable will delve into these questions and use concrete examples of science communication gone awry to point a way forward.

  2. Storytelling & Narrative Roundtable with Jayde Lovell

    This practical roundtable will discuss the storytelling priorities of the scientific community as we move into a new era of humans and machines. What stories do we need to tell about what it means to be human? Which misconceptions need to be overcome? How can we shape our narratives effectively? By learning how to design effective narrative structures, participants will leave this workshop with fully-formed science stories, ready to be told.

  3. Immersive Media with Mark Atkin

    What is the potential for science projects in Immersive Media, such as virtual and augmented reality? What unique qualities of Immersive Technologies lend themselves to science projects and how is this different from other types of media? How do people access this kind of content and how might this change over the coming years?

  4. Impact and Audience Building with Sarah Mosses

    This roundtable will open up questions around marketing, distribution and data—the less sexy things discussed when preparing the production of your next film, but also (in our opinion) the most vital. Conversations will cover the need to understand your audience from development right through to distribution, to start engaging conversations early on in order to deliver the most successful Impact Distribution Campaign.

  1. Financing with and Iain Dodgeon

    So you have your idea. Now how do you get it financed? This roundtable will discuss what funding options are available and what the differences are between them. Who makes the decisions, how might you get them interested in your project and what is expected in return? Discussions will broadly cover different approaches to financing across a wide range of media.

  2. Hybrid Strategies: From Production to Distribution with Dr Alexis Gambis

    From science narratives in docufiction cinema to the science series and online science content, the future of science storytelling will be shaped by how and where audiences will view these stories. This roundtable will reflect on emerging trends in science production and distribution and shed light on new strategies in this field.


Mark Atkin

Curator Exhibition Programme

Iain Dodgeon

Strategic Venture Manager / Wellcome

Kai Kupferschmidt

Freelance Science Writer

Jayde Lovell

CEO ReAgency Science Marketing and Host, ScIQ on TYT Network / ReAgency Science Marketing

Sarah Mosses

CEO Together Films / Together Films

Dr Alexis Gambis

Scientist, Filmmaker

Founder and director of the Imagine Science Film Festival.