Ignite Talks


A series of fast-paced talks to bring challenges of science storytelling to life with leading innovators and specialists in new media, publishing and public engagement with science.

Bringing Science Storytelling to Life

Jayde Lovell, CEO, ReAgency Science Marketing and Host, ScIQ on TYT Network

This talk will present a tried-and-tested working model for storytelling in science, combining a keen understanding of what makes a narrative engaging and the importance of structure with a strategic perspective on the relationship between good stories and good funding—all illustrated through recent case studies.

Bringing Science Stories to Audiences

Iain Dodgeon, Strategic Ventures Manager at Wellcome, UK

When it comes to making engaging content, it helps to start with three questions: What are you trying to communicate? Who are you trying to reach? And why would they be interested? This talk will introduce how the answers will help you understand how science can make stories more compelling for audiences across different media. Drawing from experience in film, television and games, it will cover how the choices you make will change the audience you reach and the impact your content will have.

Streaming Science: A Living System of Scientific Cinema

Dr Alexis Gambis, Founder and Executive Director, Imagine Science Film Festival

How do we stream science while also ensuring compelling and well-founded science narratives? This session introduces a new platform that is a more than just a portal; it is also curated magazine and a space for experimentation. This session will shed light on how to create a dynamic and evolving space where educators, filmmakers, scientists, and artists interact. The films are nodes in a larger network of interconnected material that provides new and malleable readings of scientific content.



Dr Alexis Gambis

Scientist, Filmmaker

Founder and director of the Imagine Science Film Festival.

Jayde Lovell

CEO ReAgency Science Marketing and Host, ScIQ on TYT Network / ReAgency Science Marketing

Iain Dodgeon

Strategic Venture Manager / Wellcome